Learn all about the Elementor page builder

I will guide you thru Elementor in a 2 hour long free online course to help you build your website easier. 

Let’s get started…

In this course I will be showing you everything needed to get started with Elementor and Elementor Pro. Going thru the feature options, admin area, the page builder and how to create certain elements of your website with it.

Who is this for?

This course was made for anyone who would like to learn the basics of Elementor and Elementor Pro before getting into using the page builder. Often new users start with Elementor page builder without the know-how and end up with a lot of questions that could be solved easily with a beginners course like this.

How long will this take?

Around 2 hours of course videos and if you wish to learn more there are more tutorials on my YouTube channel and others too.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope, Elementor page builder will help you create stunning websites and with Elementor Pro you can have the full site editing experience. Please keep in mind that you will need to learn and practice to get the best results and that time wild be different to everyone 🙂 

Are these tutorials really free?

Yes, I used to do live workshops and it was always an issue that there was no time for the basics. This way I can offer a much better experience in learning how to build a website using Elementor or Elementor Pro with WordPress.
Also, by using my affiliate links, you can support me and guarantee dedicated time to keep these tutorials and courses updated over time.

Elementor /Pro details we need to know

In this video, I will give you a brief of what features are available in Elementor and Elementor Pro. At first you may think it is a good option to go with the free version (and in 90% of the cases it is true), but I would like to give you a better understanding how much time and energy you can save by investing a small fee on Elementor Pro

You do NOT need the bigger packages, just the Essential or  Advanced package to get started and in most cases that will be all you need in the future too for your self with up to 3 business websites.

Elementor Pro has a theme builder that will enable you to do full site editing and can help you remove 5+ extra plugins from the starter stack with built in functions.

Reason to choose Elementor Pro:

  • theme builder to quickly and easily edit parts of your website
  • popup builder
  • additional widgets
  • form builder with integrations
  • dynamic options

Installing Elementor and Elementor Pro

To install Elementor:

  • Go to Plugins – Add new
  • Search for Elementor
  • Install and activate Elementor

To install Elementor Pro

  • Go to Elementor’s website
  • Go to Pricing page
  • Choose the package that suits your use case. Mostly the first two option (For 1 or 3 websites) will be enough to get started or for your own use only.
  •  Check out with your personal details
  • Download the Elementor Pro zip file
  • Go to Plugins – Add new
  • Choose the upload option and select the downloaded zip file
  • Install and activate 

The Elementor menu

The Page Builder

Display Conditions

With the help of Elementor Pro’s display conditions for the different theme parts, we can create an infinite amount of creative designs to any website.

With the “include” and “Exclude” options and the “down to any content” selection we can have 10 blog posts or WooCommerce products with 10 different design.

Conditions and triggers for the Popup Builder

The popup builder has more options. We have the regular display conditions, triggers and advanced conditions. I am showing these options in this lesson.

Final thoughts