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Let’s get started…

Installing WordPress the easy way

In any hosting provider’s control panel will have some form of automated WordPress installer. In this case we are using GURU’s cPanel as it has many other options too that we can control easily.

The details for installation are universal:

  • https:// protocol for your installation (thinking your provider has SSL certificate installed when you purchased the package and the recommended ones do free of charge)
  • make sure to use a unique username and password for your admin user and keep it safe

Universally this process should take 2 minutes to finish, just follow the instructions provided by this video or your hosting provider.

WordPress admin area and updates

You can find your admin login at:

The admin area has 3 sections:

  • top bar for quick menus, notifications, user menu
  • sidebar on the left: all the menu options will be here
  • content area to the right for anything to edit, set or view

Posts and the Gutenberg editor

Pages…this will be short 🙂

Editing pages is simple…you just need to make sure to pay attention to the previous lesson and you know almost everything 🙂 

The main difference is:

  • page attributes
  • page templates
    • default based on theme
    • (if using Elementor) Elementor full width
    • Elementor Canvas
    • or anything that is added by a theme or plugin
  • optional options added by themes or plugins

Managing media and comments

In this lesson we will take a look on the media files and commention options.

Themes, Widgets and the Menu editor

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Managing plugins

How to add a WordPress plugin:

  • Go to WordPress admin area
  • Hover over Plugin and click on the “Add new” option
  • Use the search bar to find the one you are looking for
  • Click on the install button 
  • Click on the Activate button after successful installation

Watch the video lesson to get more details.

Users and tools menu

The settings menu and options

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