Create an Elementor “exit intent popup” tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you, how to do and when to use exit intent popups with your Elementor websites. If you need the full guide to Elementor popups follow this link.

Exit intent popups are the ones that will be triggered when the visitor is about to leave your website. When they are moving the mouse cursor towards the edge of the browser window that is the point when our popup will show.

Using this can be very irritating, so, you need to make sure to offer great value to your visitors or a good reason to stay on the website. Usually on an e-commerce website the exit intent popups should offer a discount or a coupon code for the buyer.

To get started, log into your WordPress admin area and hover over the Templates menu. From here, click on the Popups menu and hit the Add new button or give a name to your popup if you do not have anything created yet.

As a next step, you can build a popup based on your own ideas, or you can import one from the built in option OR one of the Katka Popup templates. In this case I will use a Katka Popups Pro template to demonstrate how quickly you can get started.

After you are finished with your editing, it will be time to set the conditions, triggers and rules based on your requirements.

For conditions choose the pages where the popup should show up. In this demo I will leave this at entire site.

For triggers you will have to switch the “on page exit intent” to YES

For rules you can add additional options, like disable it on mobile and tablet screen sizes or make it visible only to people arriving from search engines only.

You can create multiple variations and target specific pages. For example create a coupon for the product category 1 and a different one for the product category 2.

Hope this tutorial was helpful!

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