Sonoff TX Ultimate – smart switch or mini control unit?

At first you might think that the Sonoff TX Ultimate is just another “smart” switch, but after a few minutes of investigation you’ll see that it’s not. When used properly, it has a lot more potential with different feedback options and a gesture-capable touch interface.

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Sonoff TX Ultimate

sonoff tx ultimate 01

Sonoff’s latest wall switch product is available in three versions. 2.4Ghz Wifis smart switch with 1-2-3 channel version and some accessories if you want to “decorate”.

Although not as cheap as a tiny relay to make old switches work (e.g. Sonoff Mini Extreme), but here you get everything in one package. This design is also requires phase and zero and has a max load capacity of 5A per channel.

sonoff tx ultimate 02

For wall mounting it will need 45*45*25mm space, so we try to fit it into the smallest round mounting box…Design wise it’s the same as the M5 series or the Switch version of NSPanel.

sonoff tx ultimate 03

In terms of mounting, the usual snap-on solution can be used and the front panel can go into place once the mounting frame has been screwed in place.

A small but all the more important mention: the entire surface is touch-sensitive…

ESP32 and Sonoff TX Ultimate

I like to disassemble all the test units and that’s just the way it is now. What is good news is that the Sonoff TX Ultimate ESP32-D0WD-R2-V3 -and is easily accessible in case of any flashing.

sonoff tx ultimate 04

At the time of writing, there was no help available, but with a fresh product it’s no wonder.

sonoff tx ultimate 05

Here you can also see the position of the small vibra motor. What is noteworthy is the excellent accessibility of the flash points and the Wifi antenna solution for great signal strength!


And that’s where it’s really going to win a lot of people over. For me, the first thing that came to mind when I discovered the Sonoff TX Ultimate gesture controls was to trigger the automations that come with the entry.

  • short touch…to switch on and off
  • swipe right / left to start scene automation
  • double tap to turn the “Ambient light” function on or off

RGB lighting, sound and virba feedback

Yes, all three forms of feedback are available for TX Ultimate. But let’s go in order:

RGB lighting

The picture above clearly showed the 28pcs LEDs arranged in a circle. They have a dual function, as an Ambient light mode is available, which gives the switch a coloured or animated light effect, and also an animated on/off feedback.

When switching on and off, you can choose from several built-in modes or switch off the light effects.

What I miss is the connectivity with other devices, for example in case of an alarm or something like that, but for a fresh product this is not a problem yet, there will be updates in the future.

Hang / Doorbell

At the moment it can only be used for two things, activity feedback on power up and power down which can of course be turned off, and it can be set as a doorbell/bell.

Haptic feedback

Vibra motor has a relatively simple role, vibrate when active….or not if you don’t want to and turn it off.


A small detail, but worth mentioning, is that you can change the front panel, although only three options are currently available, but they can still add colour to your home in many places.

eWeLink app and connection

As a first step the connection is quite simple, you have to select the Bluetooth connection solution as ESP32 device and in case of a failure 5-6sec touch/press and hold on the touch surface can be proprocessed again.

An important detail is that our switch also works as an eWeLink Remote gateway, so it’s a great option to pair with remote controllers.

The app offers basic functionality, there’s no shortage of it, while the customisation options are thankfully pretty good at launch.


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Sonoff iHost

Although it appeared before the release, unfortunately it is currently not available on our Sonoff iHost local server. It’s already on the compatibility list for an upgrade, but there could be some great scene opportunities here in the future if it’s not restricted. You don’t know what it is? Click here for the full iHost test.

– I was interested in the product, I received it for testing
– I got it for free, 100% in my own opinion

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