SONOFF SNZB-04 – Zigbee Wireless door/window sensor

SONOFF SNZB-04 ZigBee wireless door opening sensor is the next step in our smart home project. It will provide great possibilities for automation of different rooms…e.g. night light management, entry reactions, etc.

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What’s in the box, what do you need to know?

The SNZB-04 ZigBee wireless door opening sensor is a tiny pair of devices (4,7*2,7*1,25 cm and 3,2*1,56*1,3 cm respectively). It won’t be the device that distracts you from your home environment 🙂

snzb 04

The box itself comes with the SNZB-04 ZigBee wireless door opening sensor, installation instructions and a pair of 3M stickers to place the pair anywhere. I personally use two of them:

  • one that monitors the front door and performs automation (e.g., triggers the security camera)
  • and a pair of….mounted on the fridge door. Yes, I know… 🙂
img 20220907 213719

What you should be careful of, as with all such devices, is to pop the larger part where the button element is located and remove the protective film. Your device will then be ready to pair with our eWeLink app.

What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a communication solution specifically designed for low-power devices where high data bandwidth is not required, but where it is important to minimise the time delay. Zigbee is a good choice for battery-powered sensors, for example, where the uptime is several times that of WiFi. Zigbee devices are capable (under certain conditions) of mesh networking and can reach huge distances between two endpoints.

The Zigbee sensors cannot be used on their own, they need a Zigbee hub to connect them to your home/office network. One per system is sufficient, taking advantage of the above options.

zigbee mesh network

What it can be used for, automation ideas

With the SNZB-04 ZigBee wireless door opening sensor, we are able to create simple but also unique conditional automations thanks to its unique functionality.

  • when opening a door, switching on/off X smart relay that controls, say, a light (with a delay, this could be an entrance door)
  • when the door is opened, our ZBBridge-P hub’s grid is triggered
  • when opening the door, signal to other device: open the door and the garage door will automatically start to lift if Sonoff relay control would have been used
  • Counter….count how many times you have looked in the fridge during the evening. You naughty little thing, just don’t let the other one know that the elves didn’t take the goodies for the morning 😉
snzb 04 ewelink
sonoff snzb 04 history


  1. Launch your eWeLink app where the Zigbee hub is already active and ready for battle (in my case I use Sonoff’s ZBBridge-P hub. You can read more about it here: HERE )
  2. Find your hub, then within that find the add button and click here
  3. Remove the back of the sensor, check that the battery is not protected, then remove it
  4. After a few seconds, it will flash red on the front, indicating that it is in Pairing mode
  5. In 5-15 seconds they will find each other and your phone screen will display the relevant information

That’s it 🙂

Product data sheet

Mass0.024 kg
Dimensions4.7 × 2.7 × 1.25 cm
Manufacturer smartphone appeWeLink app (for Sonoff Zigbee Bridge), SmartThings app (for SmartThing hub)
Web (browser) admin interfacenot
_Product typesensors, sensors
_Distance control modesZigBee
RF/Radio control (433.92MHz)not
REST API support (with factory firmware)not
Operating temperature range-10ºC – 40ºC
MQTT support (with factory firmware)not
Cloud mode (with factory firmware)Depending on the Zigbee Bridge
Connect towireless sensor, battery operated
Available atcan be fixed to a door or window with double-sided adhesive tape
Instrument operational feed-inCR2450 battery (3V)
Internet controllableyes, connected to the internet via Zigbee Bridge
Zigbee connectionyes
Local network mode (with factory firmware)not
Product typeZigbee door and window opening sensor
Notification functionsDepending on the Zigbee Bridge
HistoryDepending on the Zigbee Bridge
WiFi connectionnot

🆓 – I was interested in the product, I received it for testing from SONOFF
💵 – I got it for free, 100% my own opinion

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