Sonoff MiniR4 / Mini Extreme – tiny, smart relay with WiFi

Sonoff’s Mini R2 Wi-Fi relay has already been proven to be a good choice, but now the new Mini R4 or Mini Extreme can really be the device that many of us are looking for. Why? Let’s look at the details.

In short: rethought design and choice of components for a more goal-oriented use case. Small size (38*33*17mm), single-channel, but with multiple switching options, Wi-Fi device.

sonoff mini r4

Internally, we have an ESP32-D0WD V3 and it enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Although there are no pins, TX, RX, GND, RST and KEY points are available… if you can solder with such good precision 🙂

What is also worth mentioning is the use of the new 3D antenna, which promises better Wi-Fi access. Since I work in a 55 square meter apartment, I couldn’t really measure it, but there were no problems in any of its corners.

The relay itself is officially rated at 10A, don’t connect your boiler to that 🙂

Buy it at Sonoff / Itead official store:

How tiny is tiny?

For this test, I bought perhaps the smallest basic 60mm EU box and threw in the Sonoff Mini R2 and the new Mini R4 / Mini Extreme.

img 20230110 150809

As you can see, they weren’t kidding and of course the Zigbee version is also available, which does not require “N”, Neutral, zero line. But I will write about it in another test here.

In terms of connectivity, it supports three options:

  • Edge mode: for two-position switches
  • Pulse mode: for push button / bell / rocker switches
  • Following mode: for two-position switches

In addition, you can disconnect the relay (Detached) if you want to use the switch for something else, but keep the lighting/plug connected to the relay on the network.

What is also available with this device is the option of the eWeLink remote protocol. This means that your “remote” devices using this protocol can communicate with the MiniR4 even without the Internet or hub (Like the R5 switch or the S-Mate).

In addition, important functions such as inching, power state with delay in case of reset, push notifications, timings, external assistants (Alexa, Google, etc.) are available, so the already familiar settings are available.

Where can I buy it?

This amazing wifi relay just became available recently and can be bought at ITead’s own webshop for 9.9 USD…I think this is well worth it. Here is my direct link to the product page:

Buy it at Sonoff / Itead official store:


  1. Turn off the small circuit breaker of the apartment/house that belongs to the given circuit / or the main switch rather…
  2. You can put the Sonoff MINIR4 behind the switch or outlet where you need it, then follow the wiring suggestion if necessary for your personal use case.
  3. Once everything is in place and you are sure that the wiring is correct, then the power can go back into our system. If you are not sure about your work, entrust it to an electrician, as this can cause serious injuries or worst!!!
  4. Start the eWeLink app on your mobile
  5. Click the add button at the bottom and select the Bluetooth pairing option
  6. Follow the instructions
  7. Done 🙂

🆓- I was interested in the product, I received it for testing from SONOFF
💵- I received it for free, 100% my own opinion

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