How can it be so tiny? Sonoff ZBMINI Extreme – Zigbee Smart Switch ZBMINIL2 (No Neutral Required)

Sonoff`s new ZBMINI Extreme (or ZBMINIL2) is an ultra-compact Zigbee smart switch that can control household appliances, lights wirelessly, and can be installed in almost any mounting box.

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zbminil2 1920px v2 01

This tiny wireless switch can be installed in the smallest EU-type mounting box and works with hubs that support the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, such as ZBBridge Pro or NSPanel Pro .

It measures only 38*33*19mm , which can be called really small, but here is an illustration from a 60mm EU box:

zbmini l2

Here is a small comparison with its predecessor in terms of size. As you will see the previous ZBMini-L would not fit in this regular 60mm box compared to the nem ZBMini Extreme:

What’s under the hood?

zbminil2 1920px v2 107
  • MCU – Silicon Labs EFR32MG22 Arm Cortex-M33
  • Output – 100-240V ~ 56/60Hz 6A Max
  • Single channel
  • It does not require a Neutral wire
  • It also works with a minimum load of 3W, flicker-free
  • IMPORTANT: It is able to store a little current after a power cut, press the manual switch until you hear the plastic click only and the relay stays silent finally!

Unfortunately, this device can only be an end device and cannot function as a router in our Zigbee mesh system.

How to use

First of all, you will have to select which switch type you want to use with the ZBMiniL2 smart relay. To switch between modes, you have to press the manual button 3 times and this way you can switch from a push switch to a tilting switch…this should be done before final reassembly 🙂

The usual functions are available within the eWeLink app, such as scheduling, timing or cyclic timing and, of course, the big button.

Of course, thanks to the eWeLink application, integration with Alexa and Google services is possible and works without problems.

Home Assistant

Thanks to the eWeLink add-on, this smart relay can also be integrated into our Home Assistant system and automation.

Also, it works flawlessly with other Zigbee 3.0 routers and can be added to your Home Assistant system without the eWeLink addon too.


  1. Turn off the circuit breaker of the apartment/house that is connected to the circuit / or the main switch instead…
  2. You can put the Sonoff ZBMINI-L2 behind the switch where you need it and follow the wiring instructions!
  3. Once everything is in place and you’re sure the wiring is correct, you can get the power back on. If you’re not sure, get an electrician to do it, because you can get electrocuted if you’re not careful!!!
  4. Launch the eWeLink app on your mobile
  5. Access the screen of your Zigbee hub
  6. Find the add button and click here
  7. In 5-15sec the data is sorted and you’re basically done.
Buy it at Sonoff / Itead official store:

🆓- I was interested in the product, I received it for testing from SONOFF
💵- I received it for free, 100% my own opinion

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