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You will get the FREE 3-day online WordPress website building course for beginners and additional easy to follow beginner tutorials.
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Day 1: Let’s start with
the basics.

Your first day starts with the most important tasks you’ll need to accomplish before your building process can get started for your WordPress website. This is also a great time to learn about all of the tools that we use, so I’ve included additional courses in this package just for you!

  • What we need to know about planning
  • Purchasing a domain name and a web hosting package
  • Installing WordPress the easy way
  • The first settings we need for our WordPress website
  • Installing a quality theme and plugins we will need
  • Finishing the day with a backup solution and tips
  • BONUS: WordPress and Elementor courses to give you all the knowhow before jumping in deep waters
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Day 2: Set the styling
and build the website

After we have learned all the basics and got our foundation in place, we can start learning how to build the different parts of our website. Take your time, depending on your plans from Day 1, this can take longer if needed.

I will try to give you a good starting point with sample templates and brand boards too.

  • Download and import the sample templates
  • Header, Footer and Navigation
  • Building our home page and a subscription form
  • Building the About and Contact Us pages
  • Privacy and Cookies Policy with some help

Day 3 Last steps: SEO, Security, and finishing touches.

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! You can turn off the “maintenance mode” to go live. First, we need to check on our technical SEO part so that your website will be indexed smoothly after going live. Next, let’s add security layers which should keep intruders at bay as finishing touches.

  • SEO plugins and settings
  • Website analytics, something more private…
  • Security and bot protection
  • Finishing touches we need to do before going live!

Join thousands of students
and build your website step-by-step:

“I am creating online courses for freelancers and needed to build a landing page. First, I thought I can do it myself, but realized I am not patient enough. Even with a professional building my website, I did not wish to be helpless if there is something I wish to change, so I learned all the basics of WordPress and Elementor from Barna’s courses. Now I can edit anything on my website, but this course is a great value to those who wish to do it themselves. ” – Anita Szilágyi

“I have been familiar with WordPress and Elementor and I’ve built websites before, but this training gave me a deeper understanding of the big picture. You not only get the knowledge to make awesome tricks, but you will also know why you do each step. There are A LOT of videos but you will enjoy every minute of it since Barna talks as if he was a friend of yours, sitting in your living room, teaching you cool stuff.Perfect for beginners to get you started and you will find many tips and steps that are usually missing and even from expensive trainings. If you are someone you are willing to take the time needed and do the hard work, then you will successfully build a website. During learning, you will not only build a website with a lego-approach, but you will understand why you do what you do.” – Kitti Beke

“One of the most comprehensive courses I have watched on Website creation. Barna explains everything in great detail. I had lost hope I will ever be able to create a website alone but now I am much more confident. If I had found this course some months ago, my website would have been launched by now. He speaks clearly and slowly so you can easily follow him, without getting confused. I will definitely watch all of his courses! ” – Sonia

“I have built my website from scratch as an amateur. When I started, I wanted to plan and learn everything needed. This is how I found Barna’s workshop at a later stage. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t found this course earlier to save a ton of time from the start! ” – Andrea Salamon-Bojti

“Very well put together course. Not only for beginners, but for those who already have some knowledge in WordPress. I would definitely buy it if it were not free, so I purchased the Katka Template pack to support his work.” – Andreas

“Very detailed, well put together and easy to follow training for beginners! It really helped my a lot to build my website.” – Judit

Overview of the workshop

The full workshop is free

My goal is to teach as many people as possible, so that they can have great results with the right foundations. This is a course for those who fish to learn more.

Made for beginners

I used to do live workshops, but the time was never enough to get the basics in place. In this WordPress course, I will try to teach you everything needed to have a full understanding of why we click on that button.

Additional lessons

There are support courses as well: WordPress course, Elementor course and more tutorials to help you create the website you wanted to achieve.

How can all this be free, what’s the catch?

No catch! All of my tutorials are supported thru the small commission I receive when you purchase a Siteground, GURU hosting or Elementor Pro to build your website easily without coding skills. Also when you choose to purchase a single kit or the full Katka Template Pack.

Who is your tutor?

Hello, my name is Barna.

I have been working with WordPress since 2013 and had the opportunity to learn, try and work with many tools you may need to create your website with a solid foundation. Since 2016, I have been building websites full time.

In November 2017 I have started my first digital product called the Katka Template Pack for Elementor. It was the very first Elementor section block pack, and it started me on an amazing journey ever since in teaching in Hungarian and English.

I had the opportunity to be a WordCamp speaker on how to become a contributor and build a business, held online and live workshops about the website building process for business owners and Elementor workshops as a guest speaker. It is important for me to give you a good understanding on how to get started the right way!